Custom Court Diagram Sheets

As a basketball X & O’s savant, it is no surprise that I am extremely particular about how I diagram my plays. After talking with coaches over the Summer and experimenting with different layouts, I have come up with a court diagram format that I wanted to share with my loyal readers. But before I share them, let me expand on why I chose the color green for my court diagram pads. The past five years I have spent a good amount of time observing basketball coaches at all different levels; I am always curious to see how other coaches organize their work. One concept I got from the Boston Celtics (and now LA Clippers) is the use of colored paper. Whenever I spent time with Kevin Eastman, when he was an Assistant Coach for the Boston Celtics, I always noticed that the paper he used was green. Fast forward to 2014 and Kevin is now the VP of Basketball Operations for the LA Clippers. With that being said, this Summer’s Coaching U Live coincided with the NBA Summer League and many of the Clippers coaches attended several of the lectures. What were they writing on? Red paper! I think that it is a very eye-catching and professional concept to try to do much of your work on paper or stationary that coincides with your school or team colors.

As a basketball coach, court diagram pads are not the easiest things to come across unless you get them at a clinic. As I ramp up for a busy two months of traveling to basketball clinics all over the BxLaBSxCEAA8NXJcountry, I wanted to make sure I had enough diagrams to get me through this time and the season. I took my flash drive over to my local Fedex/Kinkos store, a ream of green paper in hand, and had custom court diagram pads made. This is a very inexpensive process, especially if you take your own paper. The cost of four diagram pads, 30 sheets per pad, came out to under $20 (not including the cost of the ream of green paper). I have provided the came court diagram sheet below to fit the needs of coaches at every level.

I have provided the old and new FIBA design for my international friends. Furthermore, you’ll notice an NBA Adjusted Court. This is a disproportional court to take into consideration the NBA 3-pt line. On traditional courts the space between the sideline and 3-pt line is limited so the Adjusted gives you more room to write.

Download the court of your choice below:

Download (PDF, 24KB)

Download (PDF, 42KB)

Download (PDF, 23KB)

Download (PDF, 23KB)

Download (PDF, 25KB)

Download (PDF, 25KB)

Download (PDF, 26KB)



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